Hottest Escort Girl In Mallorca

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Hottest Escort Girl In Mallorca

Escort to your door is the best escort agency in Palma de Mallorca. We are glad to connect you
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Some of them shared with us their experiences. Journalist during the day and escort in the

Lana tells us what containment reveals in her clients:

Escort girl in Mallorca for five years, the 25-year old went from 1 client a day to two.
Originally, she used to do services occasionally to make ends meet: First apartment,
cashier’s job, it wasn’t easy to have fun, she recalls. I saw a TV show about escorting, they
were almost advertising it! I tried and joined. You have to be mentally strong, but you make
money easily. After all, “it’s your choice to become the best escort girl in Mallorca.”
How was during the lockdown being an escort girl in Mallorca?

Being an escort girl in Mallorca is not a security job as when they announced the lockdown
in March 2020, the daily salary you’ll receive could disappear as there are no funds helping
our sector.

But the next day, I was not worried anymore. Men come anyway, that’s not what blocks
them. There may be a little less demand, but I still have enough customers. This morning, a
local lawyer sat down with me for lunch. The only difference since the start of the lockdown
is my timetable, I used to work more during the day than night. Now, more people can get
out, I have clients who ask me to spend the night at home and others who stay up until 5 in
the morning to quickly escape and join me. They’re more afraid of fines than viruses.

Are they mostly regulars?

Oh no, most of my customers are coming for the first time. I feel that they are beginners:
they arrive, embarrassed, and quickly, they tell me that it is their first time with an escort,
they do not know how to do it. With lock-down, they cannot find other ways to have sex.
Most are young, many are under the age of 30 or 40-50 years husband. You feel like they’re
bored and they don’t know what to do. They go online, go to the sites and decide to meet
their first escort girl in Mallorca.

In terms of hygiene, do you ask any special attention to your customers?

Basic hygiene is very important in my profession. I was already washing before and after
each report, so it doesn’t change much for me. Idon’t think I can limit the damage by
stopping certain positions. I know I take risks, but I have to make a living, so I do it all the

Are you the kind of escort who talks to your clients?

Definitely! Being an escort is sharing unique moments with clients and communication skills
are sometimes more important than sexual experience. For some customers, an hour is an
hour. But when things go well, I’m not in a minute, I even have drinks afterwards.

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